My purpose is to heal, love, and find peace within self and life.


I envision myself sharing my gift and my unconditional love with the world. 


I aim to provide every individual I encounter with the right utensils to promote self love and peace.

About Me:


Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Cody Le Goddess as QueenCodi. Growing up I knew I had a special gift that was given to me. I was able to feel other people pain, emotions, without the knowledge of being an . As I transform my life I allow levels to take me into places I require to be at. When I was 18-years old I experienced a moment that allowed me to step into my power and for the first time I had to learn how to heal myself also finding my peace. Within that particular journey of my life I realized how beautiful it was to find that inner peace within . Throughout my personal experience I allowed my true gift of spiritual guidance and healing to expose my purpose wanting to assist others through healing.  That is my greatest purpose. I strive to help, heal, and provide guidance to those in help of need of those to find their inner peace and love. 

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