Angel Numbers Touched My Life

Updated: May 11, 2019

It all started in September 2017, when I noticed 11:11 became apart of my everyday life. It was as if I was dealing with a stalker that I had never knew existed. Ones became my best friend along with 3’s. It started with 11:11, which is usually how Angel Numbers get a jump start .3:33 was my next sequence and eventually I started seeing a mix up such as 133, 313, and let me no even touch on the numbers I see now just know. Since these number sequences became part of my everyday life my curious mind lead me to google “Angelic Numbers”. POOF !! WHAT THE F*CK (just in case we have minors here) mind blown by what I have stumbled upon. What kind of coincidence was this? I even experimented every time I saw the numbers just to make sure I wasn’t cynical. Angelic Numbers spoke to me in ways that helped me connect to my higher self as well as keep me aligned.

For the most part Angelic Numbers are the angels whispering through sequences of numbers or symbols. . When you first become aware of them I must say it can become obsessive. It's almost as if you wanna catch it every time but I had to learn the key is to allow life to flow and the confirmations will come to you .Numbers since ancient times have been linked to having a spiritual connection behind them. These messages are directly from our angels, spirit guides, or ancestors. Each number signifies a certain vibration in which you are directly linked to at the moment. If you are picking up numbers look into the meaning of them to see what your guides are trying to communicate with you. It’s pretty simple to by simply interpreting the meaning of each sequenced received.

As you may know life is full of number and numerical phases. Throughout life numbers are an everyday life event. You see and hear numbers all day. At some point in your day you are bound to hear numbers. I began to journal what I researched to help me understand a little bit more. I wanted to begin with 0 because it’s know to be the beginning of numbers although some may say it’s truly not considered a number I’d like to think otherwise.

Meaning of Zero:

The number zero is an open path. It is completion and new beginnings. This particular number has the same ideology of God, being the highest, infinite, and eternal. With the number 0 we are reminded on how pure things are. There is no coming nor going when it comes to the number 0 because it is as is. No matter what you may add with 0 it will always be a reflection of yourself. When presented with the number 0 it’s a great time to evaluate yourself and seeing what actions are being done and called upon. Seeing 0’s is merely a reminder that you have a purpose, are being listened too and watch, and are on a mission divinely orchestrated through your higher being. When seeing 0’s you are being sent peace by your angels and are being called reminded:

  • Be self aware

  • You are one with the creator

  • To sit back in situation

  • Its’ not about you only

  • Tap into higher self

  • You have infinite support from spirit guides

  • Urging you to strength spiritual connection

  • Know that the Universe is always with you

  • Reset

  • Realize your Thoughts and reality

  • Create time to have creative energy

The number 0 is a reminder that your idea of whom God is is with you in your spiritual path to align yourself with your heart body and soul and you carry that Universal source, that truth, most importantly that purity.