Wounded Ancestor vs. Gut Feeling: New Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

On June 3rd there will be a New Moon in Gemini at 12 degree while being in Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, the eye of the bull. This produces an even more intense energy towards what this New Moon was already bringing forward.

New moons are about new beginnings, starting new cycles, implanting seeds, and manifesting. It takes 28 days for a cycle as well as the moon to cycle fully. With this New Moon being in Gemini we are tapping into our third house. Our third house is about travel and communication. It can will put a focal point on local movements, short journeys, schooling, and siblings. You may also look into your personal birth chart to see what sign/planet is in your third house.

Gemini is a sign of duality. S/he's about balancing, grounding, and allowing your feminine and masculine energy to coexist in harmony. A lot of time we allow a wound to hinder one or the other. That wound may cause crutches to our everyday life thinking we may have moved forward but somehow it is a reoccurring event. Each time you repress these emotions and trauma it will continue to be a problem. Reasons as to why it is important now to choose to heal yourself. Your inner child has been screaming at you to fix these issues that you are choosing to continuously avoid. A lot of it has to do with our domestic life as a child. We must learn to nurture our inner child, our inner teens, as well as our adulthood. Many of it is blaming parental/guardian of what past trauma has brought us but right now is a great time to work through it in a healthy manner. Seek counseling, healing, therapy, family group sessions to be able to lay things to rest.

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A lot of motivation is being granted to us. Be sure to proceed with caution while taking the action forward. Make decisions that are for you and your power. Its time to put your foot down and speak up for the things you want and desire.

Naturally with communication comes listening. Understand to communicate effectively. Listening and observing are extremely important especially right now. If you want to be heard be sure to LISTEN not to respond but to understand. Do not hide your true power. Do not hide your real emotions. Making a connection is at an all time high and you need to walk across the bridge and open those gates. Open up about who you are, your personal journey, what may inspire in life. Express yourself and do not allow your wounds from the past, for some past lives, to make the callings of your life now. Do not FEAR your innerself, your gut, because of what may have wounded you. Take this adventurous start into what you thought may have been hard for you. You have to realize that you're still alive and pushing forward so it's not over continue to prosper. Be more in tune with your gut feeling and not you're crying wounds. A lot of the time this crying wound can be an ancestor still hurting which is why it is important to heal this now. Break that generational curse.

What to take out of this moon?

Be passionate with life and yourself. It is important to be patient with yourself. Find out what is your true passion, your life calling, what career suits who YOU are. Gemini is about being inspirational and innovative so what steps are you taking forward to be more of passion. Write your intentions down, ask for what you want, and manifest it. Do not ask for things you aren't ready for. Ask for the things you are willing to invest in emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. What you invest in now will carry on for the next 28 days. There is also a lot of falling in love and making money so invest, INVEST, INVEST!!

Quick Tips

Protecting yourself right now is important and at an all time high. A lot of clarity is pulling forward and many things are going to attack.


Best time to work magic for good communication, change of residence, writing, public relations, and travel. For healing work: alignment of the shoulder arms hands, and lungs. This New moon may cause pain in between and also your asthma may be an issue.


Not a good time to start a journey, meaning continue what you may have already been working towards or working on. For a lot of us its old things that we are allowing to transmute through communication. May be some technicalities when it comes to traveling.


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